Stress Is Not The Best!


Stress Is Not the Best!

Preparing meals, organizing your day, getting to work on time or resolving family issues makes you tired and exhausted, like the tires have come off the car! Can you relate?

How stressed are you during the course of a day, week, month or year? Well, if you knew the answer, it would probab/y stress you even more. Is stress good for the body? How much stress is too much? What can I do about stress?
Don’t fret, stress is part of our daily lives and to a certain extent, good for the body. How we manage stress is another story but, plays an important roll in our overall health. Why? Because stress produces a hormone called, cortisol. And, too much of this hormone can cause your internal organs to age and weaken which in turn makes you look and feel older.

So, what can you do about stress to feel better and look great? For starters, limit your amount of daily stress, 7-8 hours of sleep, eat foods that help reduce stress and find solutions that work for you.  By the way, there is no easy trick or solution to rid you of stress. However, recognizing the issue and seeking resolution is a step in the right direction.

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