Help – How do I Make a Smoothie?

Many of us are pressed for time during the day and need a healthy fix on the go. That’s where a Rocking Smoothie comes into play! But, what do I put in a smoothie? Well, I’ve been down this road plenty of times and have learned some simple tricks to make it easy and fun.

Preparation is Key!

The best way to make things flow easier is to prepare your ingredients ahead of time. Why, because our busy lives don’t allow us to spend a great amount of time in the kitchen. Prepare ahead to avoid the stress and time crunch during the night or over the weekend when more time is available. Cut your fruits or veggies and store them in containers where they are already measured out and ready to go.

What to Put in My Smoothie?

Keep your smoothie simple at 1st until you can make them with little effort or fuss. Your base is a liquid of choice; water, coconut water, 100% juice, almond, rice, hemp or soy milk. Put about 1-2 cups per person in your favorite blender or Vitamix. Then add the good stuff; fruits, veggies, yogurt or nut butters which contain protein. If making a smoothie with fruits & veggies, add only one fruit since the more fruits added means the more sugar your body has to process or store. There is no limitation to the amount of veggies added, but remember, veggies contain plenty of fiber. Next, add some spice to kick up the flavor. Cinnamon is a great choice with fruits since it helps balance your blood sugar and can prevent a sugar spike from the fruits. Also, adding lemon juice to an all Green smoothie (Kale, Spinach or Broccoli) helps you absorb the healthy nutrients from the greenies.

(Base/liquid + substance/fruits/veggies/protein + flavor/spices = Rocking Smoothie)

Enjoy & Rock Your Health!

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