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Meet Your Coach

Welcome, my name is Damon Rocker and health is my #1 passion. My personal history in health and wellness began 11 years ago when dealing with my own health issues and a stressful career in management. As I explored different topics, certain options emerged and my appetite grew for leading a healthier lifestyle.

As a busy husband and father of two, simplicity was a necessity to transform my life. But, how could I change my lifestyle in everyday living to get the health results I needed for my health movement? Well, the practical tools, knowledge and support I found at Dr. Sears’ Wellness Institute was the perfect solution which also provided my Health & Wellness Coaching certification. The doors were opened and the “Rock Your Health Movement” started to take shape.

This healthful transition has been amazing, and I’m passionate about sharing these simple tools and techniques with folks that truly hunger for a healthy change!

So please, come join the “Rock Your Health Movement” and see what people are talking about!

Why join the “Rock Your Health Movement”?


  • Learn about food groups and how it affect your health
  • Create the ideal breakfast to boost your energy level all day
  • Improve your attention, memory, mood and sleep
  • Learn how to shop and plan wisely for groceries and meals
  • Make healthier choices and form new habits for a lifestyle you deserve
  • Plan your IRAH for a longer & happier life (Individual Retirement Account for Health)

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